Happy St George’s Day

St George's Childcare St George's Day

Every 23rd April, we celebrate our namesake on St George’s Day. This year the children got dressed up as knights, princesses and dragons and took part in lots of creative activities.

Children in our nursery, Little Dragons pre-school and after-school club made flags, drew dragons in chalk in the garden and decorated biscuits with red and white icing.

In the afternoon, all the children got together for a special party tea in the garden. Take a look at the photos from the day below, and on our Facebook page.

Little Dragons dress up St George's Day

Little Dragons dressed up as a knight and a dragon (or pterodactyl!)

Little Dragons chalk drawing

Little Dragons drawing with chalk

Moles making St George's Day flags

Moles making St George’s Day flags

Moles make St George's Day biscuits

Moles making biscuits

St George's party tea

Party tea in the garden

St George's day party tea