“I’ve been blown away by how well St George’s has adapted to the pandemic and how resilient the staff have been. My children only started in August and we were very concerned what it would be like for them starting a new nursery in a ‘strange’ as well as different environment. We needn’t have worried; it seems the staff have made the procedures that keep the children and staff safe completely natural and part of the day-to-day routine so that the children are not even aware of them as different. It must be so tough on the staff to come down to the front doors to pick up or drop off the children to parents but I have never seen a single staff member look flustered or rushed – they still give our children the very best care and take the time to communicate properly with the parents. Even if there is a queue of other parents waiting, they always handle that calmly and professionally and never complain about all the stairs they must be climbing! With less time in the garden it seems they’ve only been more creative with other activities. In short, our children are incredibly happy which just shows how wonderful St Georges is and that is a blessing during this otherwise very difficult time. A huge well done to all the team and a massive thank you from us.” Jenny and Oli

“The boys have loved their time with you and will miss seeing you on a weekly basis. Thank you for the memories and fun the boys have had and peace of mind for us as parents. St George’s is a very special place.” 

“My son absolutely loves spending time in Moles as he did when he was a Squirrel. He is my treasure and I will never be able to repay the kindness and support your staff is giving to David.”
Irina R

“St George’s is a fantastic nursery and made going back to work so much easier. Oscar loves being there and the staff are all fantastic – he quite often doesn’t want to come home. They have been amazing whenever he has been unwell or upset and I am relaxed in the knowledge that he is safe and happy. I can’t recommend this nursery enough.”
Lorraine H

“I have three children that regularly attend Holiday Club. They have a great time, the staff are young, fun and really engage with the children. They have a mini bus so there are often trip days too. As a working parent it’s great to know they are still having fun in the holidays!”

“St George’s is a great place for children of all ages. My youngest daughter went to their Little Dragon’s Pre-school, which was absolutely brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend. They have a great garden and so lots of outside play, which some nurseries really lack. Staff are experienced and many of them are still there from when my eldest daughter was there 17 years ago. Lovely place with a good ethos.”
Sarah C

“Although our daughter was very happy at her previous nursery, we just felt something was missing. We were apprehensive about moving her to St Georges, but it has worked out really well. She absolutely loves it and is always up to something exciting – which she loves to tell us about. The staff were so welcoming to her and made a great job of settling her in. They are excellent at communicating what’s been going on during the day and if there is anything we can do at home to back up her learning. She has great fun there – which, to us, is the most important thing at this stage of her life.”
Jenny H