Hedgehogs (1.5–2.5yrs)

Hedgehogs (1.5–2.5yrs)

Age: 1.5-2.5 years

Staffing ratio: 1:3

Sessions: 7.30am-1.00pm and 1pm to 6.30pm

Every child grows up at their own pace. Our Hedgehogs room is the perfect stepping-stone between Squirrels (3 months-2 years) and Moles (2-3 years old).

Taking baby steps

Some children are ready to bounce straight from one to the other. Whereas others feel happier taking a few extra ‘baby steps’ before they’re physically or emotionally ready to join the older children in Moles.

It’s quite a jump from being a baby to an active little toddler. Hedgehogs is all about getting your child used to making their own choices and decisions. This group provides a little confidence booster to help them take those first steps.

Growing, learning and having fun

Your child’s language skills are in the early stages of development. Therefore, our activities are based on their personal interests, to make sure they’re happy to join in and have lots of fun while they learn.

There are open shelves and play areas to explore, with a large selection of age-appropriate resources and activities. There’s also lots of space to snuggle down with a book on their own, with a friend or with a favourite staff member.

We also offer free weekly music and singing sessions with Sing with Ellie which the children really enjoy and engage with.

Out in the garden, our Hedgehogs have a chance to play and develop their motor skills. Besides our outdoor play areas, children can use the mini allotments and go on their own safaris in our bug areas. So whatever the weather, we’ll make sure that every day, they have some fun outside time to learn about the natural world.