Moles (2–3yrs)

Moles (2–3yrs)

Age: 2-3 years
Staffing ratio:
Sessions: 7.30am-1.00pm and 1.00pm-6.30pm

Whether your child is new to St George’s or is moving up to Moles from Hedgehogs, we will arrange settling in sessions with you to make sure they are ready and happy.

So much to explore, so much to learn

By this stage, your child will be starting to become more independent, so Moles gives them the perfect environment to make decisions and choices. They will have fun dressing themselves, laying the table, serving meals and choosing snacks, or helping themselves to drinks throughout the day.

As with all nursery age groups, Moles provides a fantastic selection of age-appropriate resources and activities to choose from. By carefully observing each child, we use their individual interests to plan activities that enhance learning and develop their skills.

We also offer free weekly music and singing sessions with Musical Bumps which the children really enjoy and engage with.

Outdoors, children can develop their physical skills by climbing, jumping, cycling, running, skipping, balancing and digging. Whether indoors or out, the choices are endless. Our staff are always introducing new activities and we have two or more of many different toys to help the group learn about sharing and caring for each other.