Family stories

Family stories

St George’s was founded in 1982 on the principle that everyone should have access to quality childcare, no matter what their background or personal circumstances. Through our subsidised childcare places scheme, we support up to 30 families each year facing difficult circumstances. This could be due to domestic abuse, mental health issues, bereavement, illness and disability.
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Billy’s story

After fleeing abuse from her partner, Claudia and her little boy, Billy (who both have learning disabilities) benefitted immensely from just one year at St George’s.  

“Life at home was not happy. Billy’s Dad was not nice to us.” 

“When we first came to St George’s, Billy couldn’t speak. He was scared to play with other children and never smiled. We needed help to make our lives better. If the nursery hadn’t helped with the fees, I don’t know where we would be now.” 

“The people at St George’s are full of love. They helped Billy feel confident enough to join in with games, even sports day. Billy is very happy now, he talks all the time. He has made friends and he is always smiling.  

“While he was here I had the time to do a computer course which meant I could meet people and learn new skills. Thank you St George’s.” 

Sue’s story

A month before her second daughter was born, Sue’s husband was hit by a car causing a severe head injury. He was unable to work or care for their children, so Sue had to go back to work as a nurse and enrol her baby daughter at St George’s.

“I never thought that I would be in such dire straits. If the subsidised places had not been available, my daughter would have had to stop going to nursery, and I would have had to stop working.

“My daughter has been able to stay in a nursery that she (and we) loves, thanks to the subsidised place being available. It’s been a Godsend and has helped more than anyone can possibly realise. It is something I will always appreciate and be thankful for.”

Jade’s story

Jade is a young single mum who has been able to continue her studies in Forensic Psychology at the Open University while we provide subsidised childcare for her two-year-old daughter.

“As well as studying, I have the time and space to do things like cleaning, paper work, phone calls. I can also spend time with friends, which is very important. It can be stressful at times being a single mum.”

“I think my daughter’s developing better here than if I was caring for her full time, because at St George’s she’s interacting with other children, has lots of outdoor space and can do activities like messy play which she loves.

“If it wasn’t for St George’s, I wouldn’t have been able to go back to university. Now I’m much more positive about the future. I feel like I’m back on track.”

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