Donations make a difference

Donations make a difference

St George’s provides a lifeline to local families in need. While their children are safe in our care, parents and carers can take steps to get back on their feet, whether this means receiving counselling, medical treatment, re-training or finding a job.

Assisted childcare places are entirely funded by the generous support of our staff, parents and carers and local organisations, through donations and fundraising events.

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Caring for vulnerable children

Many children who join us have had a traumatic start in life. They desperately need the love and patience that our wonderful staff provide, so that they can grow in confidence and come out of their shells. We’ve had children arrive at St George’s who couldn’t speak, and by the time they’re ready to move on, they’re chatting and playing just like any happy child.

We work closely with local authorities, social services, health visitors and the women’s refuge, who help us to identify children who would particularly benefit from our care and support.

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How your donation will make a difference

We aim to raise £25,000 each year, to provide childcare for up to 30 local children in need.

  • £19.50 gives a child an afternoon of fun in our After-school Club
  • £59 means a child aged 3-5 can spend a full day at St George’s nursery, including three healthy meals
  • £150 funds 5 half-day nursery sessions for a child aged 3 months-3 years
  • £1000 fully funds 30 day sessions in our term time pre-school Little Dragons

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Improving the nursery for every child

In 2017, thanks to donations, we were able to:

  • Undertake a technology upgrade – buying new tablets, computers and faster WiFi. Tablets and the iConnect software system have replaced time-consuming paperwork, meaning staff can spend more time with the children and update parents on their children’s progress.
  • Buy 18 new teacher chairs for all the rooms in the nursery. This means the staff can sit comfortably at the children’s level and interact with them much more easily.
  • Buy new toys to help our children play and learn, including a sensory cube for Little Dragons, a chemistry set for Moles and wooden instruments for Squirrels.

We are a small charity, but we make a very big difference. You can find out how to make a donation to St George’s or how you can fundraise for us