Facilities and activities

Facilities and activities

Whatever your child loves doing; we’ve got most things covered. The playroom is a great space that’s divided up into different areas. There are dozens of board games and all sorts of creative craft activities. They can play snooker, computer games, PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii. We know how children love to make up their own imaginary worlds, so we have everything they need for dressing-up and role-playing. We also have toys galore – soft toys, construction toys, dinosaurs, cars, dolls, farm animals… you name it, we’ve probably got it.

Joining in and chilling out

While we encourage children to join in with games and activities, we know there are times when they might want to watch a favourite TV programme or read a book, so we have a comfortable, quiet ‘sofa room’ for them to relax in.

For outdoor adventurers, we have a large garden with activities that we frequently change around to keep everyone challenged and entertained. In the outdoor playground they can play football, netball, tennis and badminton and with scooters, pogo sticks and stilts. Please note, we can’t provide helmets that are guaranteed to fit exactly, but you are welcome to provide your child’s own helmet.

Tea time

Our home-cooked menu offers a wide variety of tasty food for afternoon tea, such as spaghetti bolognaise, jacket potatoes with various toppings, sausages and mash, lamb curry and rice and party food. We also have desserts including firm favourites like apple crumble or homemade jelly and ice cream. Fresh fruit, milk and water are available throughout the sessions.

Please advise us if your child has any particular dietary requirements or allergies.