Settling in visits

At St George’s, we recognise the importance of parents and guardians as primary carers. So before your child joins us, your Senior Childcare Leader will call to arrange settling in visits. This gives you and your child the chance to get to know the staff and ask lots of questions, and for us to find out how to meet their individual needs.

We also offer home visits, should you wish to invite your child’s Key Person and Room Senior Childcare Leader to come to your home. This will give your child another chance to meet us and for us to get to know them in a relaxed home environment. Working together to settle your child at St George’s will help them to really enjoy their time with us

Your child’s Online Journal

During the visits you will be introduced to your child’s ‘Key Person’. As each child has a special person to relate to, this helps us build strong links between St George’s and home. The Key Person will really get to know your child and create an Online Journal through Parentzone that you can read and add to. Besides observations on learning and progress, their journal will include things like photos, videos etc. When your child leaves St Georges, the journal is yours to keep as a memento.