Holiday Club

Holiday Club

Holiday Club fun!

With so much to do at our Holiday Club, which is open during all school holidays you’ll never hear ‘I’m bored’ again.

Here’s just a taste of the activities on offer and the fun your child can have:

    • A large garden to run around in, with football, netball, basketball, tennis/badminton nets, scooters, bikes and stilts
    • A large wooden cabin with camouflage kit, camp building materials and everything any explorer could possibly need including microscopes, bug-busting kits, binoculars, magnifying glasses and bug reference books
    • A vegetable plot, where they can grow and care for fruit and vegetables – they’ll even get a chance to prepare, cook and eat their own home-grown, healthy food
    • Lots of board games, table top games and free-standing games, such as air hockey and snooker
    • A quiet room with a TV for ‘cinema’ afternoons, a Nintendo Wii and a well-stocked reading and reference area
    • A computer, games consoles, remote control cars and robots
    • A role-play area with lots of dressing-up clothes
    • A 16 seater minibus for outings.

In Holiday Club we welcome children who have started reception up until they are 11 years old.

*We’re now taking bookings for our May Half Term 2024!

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“My daughter enjoyed holiday club so much, she was always excited to go and didn’t want to leave when I picked her up, she is still talking about it a month later and fostered a great relationship with some staff members over the short time she was there. The activities for the children were great and my daughter loved having her face painted. She enjoyed her lunch and was said to have eaten all of it every day. I am so greatful for the help this provided me over the summer”. Minnie G.