Our team

Our staff are carefully chosen, not only for their professionalism, but because they really care about the wellbeing of our children and fit in with the St George’s ‘family’.

Each room has its own Senior Childcare Leader and Childcare Practitioner. To cover absences, we have a floating staff team and extra supply staff to support other team members wherever they are needed.

Our nursery practitioners provide a stimulating, engaging and caring environment for our children to have fun while they learn and develop. They are fully qualified to work with children, or have many years’ experience as nursery assistants, and most hold a current first aid certificate.

Nursery practitioners are trained in the following areas:

  • Safeguarding children (child protection)
  • Basic food hygiene
  • First aid

Childcare managers organise regular training and development plans to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the latest childcare practices. We also have a dedicated Special Needs Co-ordinator and Child Protection Leads who both attend regular training events and cluster meetings provided by the Local Authority.

All of our staff are committed to ensuring that our children are safe and happy and that their time with us is filled with play, learning, smiles and laughter.


Morgane Glew
Business Manager

Morgane has been St George’s Business Manager since early 2016. She looks after the setting, making sure everything runs smoothly and that children, parents and staff are happy and contented.

Childcare Manager and Trustee

Pauline has been a childcare manager since 2010 and is now on the board of directors. She loves being with her grandsons and family, being in a local band and going out with friends.

Kym Russell
Specialist Childcare Professional

Kym has worked at ST Georges since 2009.  She started as a Room Leader and became Specialist Childcare Professional in 2015 after completing her BA Honours in Early Years.

Teresa Lascelles
Childcare Manager

Teresa started with us in 1998, obtained a Diploma in Pre-School Practice and became manager of Little Dragons and The Out of Hours Clubs. Teresa has been a Childcare Manager since November 2015.

Nenita Goodship
Childcare Manager

Nenita started in Badgers in 2015, became deputy manager in 2018 and is now one of the Childcare Managers.  In her spare time she enjoys travelling, reading, gardening, long walks and spending time with her family.

Deputy Childcare Manager

Nikki joined in February this year. She has worked in childcare for 9 years. Nikki is also a trained social worker. Nikki’s favourite activities are messy play and story time.

Geraldine Walsh
Finance Manager

Geraldine has been St George’s Finance Manager since 2015. She looks after our accounts and budgets. She previously worked at Southpaw Communications Ltd and PWC in London.

Fundraising and Development Manager

Becky joined the team as our Fundraising and Development Manager in May 2019. She has been involved with St George’s since her children attended the nursery and Little Dragons over 20 years ago.

Kate Foulkes
Office Manager

Before working at St George’s Kate studied English at university and went onto work as a PA to several Company directors across Kent, Surrey and London. She has two daughters who have both attended St George’s.

Little Dragons

Sarah Kempster
Senior Childcare Leader

Sarah has been working at St George’s since November 2014. Her 3 children all went to Little Dragons and she enjoys walking her dog and spending time with her family.

Lynn Sharman
Childcare Practitioner

Lynn started working in Little Dragons in September 2017, previously she was a teaching assistant in a primary school. She says St George’s is a very special place.

Childcare Assistant

Paola previously worked as a teaching assistant in an infant school. She enjoys walking her dog, attending yoga classes and reading.

Childcare Practitioner

Started in Little Dragons in 2019 and really enjoys working here. Her son attended Little Dragons before he went to Primary school.  She likes going to the park, farms and the zoo.

Childcare Practitioner

Alison started working here in 2019.  She has 2 daughters and about to become a grandmother!   She spends as much time as possible with her family and her dog called Pancake.

Childcare Practitioner
Laura has been working with children for 10 years, ranging from babies right up to the age of 6.  Laura has her own little boy who attends St George’s too.
Laura enjoys socialising with friends and family, going for walks and going to the park!


Senior Childcare Leader

Paige studied childcare at college and did her placement at St George’s before joining as a staff member in 2012. She enjoys computer games and crime dramas.

Childcare Practitioner

Ellis lives in Tunbridge Wells, in her spare time she enjoys baking and reading.

Vicky Searle
Childcare Practitioner

Vicky joined us in 2015 and completed her childcare qualification.  She grew up on a farm and likes the outdoors and nature.

Childcare Practitioner

Leanna loves working in Moles because every day is full of laughter. In her spare time Leanna enjoys walks on the beach.

Jessica Saunders
Childcare Practitioner

Jessica works in Squirrels as lunch cover and in Afterschool and Holiday Club. She loves working in childcare because every day is different. She enjoys reading crime novels.

Katie D
Childcare Practitioner

She received her Level 2 qualification in 2019 and is working towards her Level 3.  She loves seeing how fast children develop and seeing them learn new skills.


Senior Childcare Leader

Chanelle completed her foundation degree in Early Years Education in 2019.  She loves to travel the world and see new places.

Katie F
Childcare Practitioner

Katie joined Squirrels in 2018.  She enjoys socialising with her friends and spending time with her family.

Tabita Cigher
Childcare Assistant

Tabita joined the team in 2017.  When she is not at work she enjoys running and volunteering for local charities.

Childcare Assistant

Sophie started as Support staff in August 2019. She likes gardening and going for walks in nature. She enjoys creative writing and has a BA in Illustration.

Ellie R
Childcare Assistant

I joined St George’s earlier this year, after working over the summer in holiday club. I am bilingual due to growing up in Spain, and in my spare time, I enjoy painting, baking and spending time with friends and family.


Andrew thinks that being an apprentice in Childcare is great.  He believes that everyday there is something to smile about!  In his spare time he enjoys baking and socialising with his friends and family.


Ellie Ransley
Senior Childcare Leader

Ellie began working in childcare in 2010, and is looking to study further in psychology. Her interests are socialising, and attending live comedy and music events.

Childcare Practitioner

Leah started at St George’s in 2019 after completing her degree in early childhood studies. Leah loves spending all day on the beach with a good book.

Childcare Practitioner

Shannon started as an apprentice working with children with ADHD and ASD.  She uses Makaton with the children and is studying a degree in Health and Social Care with the Open University.

Childcare Practitioner

Aimee has recently qualified in Level 3 and her hobbies are painting and spending time with friends.

Childcare Practitioner

Nicola has worked in Childcare for over ten years.

Nicola started working at St George’s in August and her son also attends the setting.

Childcare Practitioner

Charleigh was a student here until she completed her qualification then joined as a member of staff.  She loves working with children of all ages and her hobbies are volunteering and cooking.

Childcare Assistant

Alice is new to childcare and cannot wait to get her qualifications! She has worked with children for years as she was previously a PE teacher in primary schools. She is also still a swimming teacher alongside the nursery.

Childcare Assistant


Senior Childcare Leader

Esther joined Badgers in 2018 and was very excited to get to know the children. She enjoys reading, travelling, movies and long walks. Her favourite colours are purple and black, and she was born on St Georges day.

Steph Armstrong-Botley
Childcare Practitioner

Steph has been working at St George’s since 1994, she has been Childcare Assistant and Deputy Manager. She now works in all rooms of the nursery as a Support Childcare Practitioner.

Childcare Practitioner
Childcare Assistant


Carol McGuinness
Senior Childcare Leader

Carol has been working at St George’s since 2007. She has two children and three cats. Her interests are interior design, gardening and going to the theatre.

Janette Clevett
Childcare Practitioner

Janette joined Moles in 2014 and moved into Otters when it opened in 2020.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family.  Janette belongs to a motorbike club and likes touring and visiting British Heritage sites.

Lucy Baxter
Childcare Practitioner

Lucy started her apprenticeship in 2017, qualified and became a Badgers team member. She moved to the Otters room when it opened in 2020. She lives with her family and in her spare time she enjoys photography.

Childcare Practitioner

Jade loves working with children and watching them grow.  She has 2 horses and loves to ride them in her spare time.

After School Club

Debbie Goddard
Senior Childcare Leader

Debbie joined St Georges in 2002.  She is the Senior Childcare Leader in our After School Club and Lunch cover in Badgers.

Tabita Cigher
Childcare Assistant

Tabita joined the team in 2017.  When she is not at work she enjoys running and volunteering for local charities.

Minibus Driver

Mike has been a resident of Tunbridge Wells since 2004. He is married with two teenage children. He and his wife run several local businesses as well as being involved with local education.

Jessica Saunders
Childcare Practitioner

Jessica works in Squirrels as lunch cover and in Afterschool and Holiday Club. She loves working in childcare because every day is different. She enjoys reading crime novels.

Holiday Club

Tabita Cigher
Childcare Assistant

Tabita joined the team in 2017.  When she is not at work she enjoys running and volunteering for local charities.

Jessica Saunders
Childcare Practitioner

Jessica works in Squirrels as lunch cover and in Afterschool and Holiday Club. She loves working in childcare because every day is different. She enjoys reading crime novels.


Childcare Practioner

Lauren joined our support team in 2018, in her previous role she ran a baby room.  She loves to socialise and go on long walks with her two huskies.

Roxanne Washburn
Childcare Practitioner

Roxanne has been working with children since 2000. She has a young daughter and likes listening to music and watching films. She has a Level 3 qualification in childcare.

Gemma Newman
Childcare Practitioner

Gemma has worked at St Georges in various roles since 2004.  Both of Gemma’s daughters have enjoyed being at St George’s.

Julia Bichard
Childcare Practitioner

Julia joined St George’s in 2008 and has had a variety of roles.  She is now part of our support team, helping in all areas.  Both of her children have loved being at St George’s.


Sherrell Chapman
Catering Manager

Sherrell has worked here since 2011. Previously she worked for KCC school meals service, and as an area manager for Greggs. She likes gardening and baking.

Kitchen Cook

Julie has worked in our kitchen since 2013. She enjoys cooking for the children and the challenge when getting them to try new food.

Kitchen Assistant

Teresa started working at St George’s in 2019 and has worked in catering in education for many years.  She enjoys baking her in spare time.


Robert Lascelles
Maintenance Manager

Robert joined the St George’s team in 2013 as our Maintenance Manager.  He can often been seen building and repairing with ‘help’ from our children.