St George’s sows the seeds for a healthy lifestyle

St George's garden

Seed packs donated by Innocent’s Sow and Grow project are helping children at St George’s Community Children’s Project learn about healthy eating. The children have planted carrots, cress and beans in the on-site allotments and are learning to tend to them until they’re ready to harvest.

Each age group at the nursery have their own allotment in the garden where they’ve been growing vegetables which they’ll help to turn into tasty meals. By growing and cooking vegetables themselves, children are much more likely to enjoy eating them and develop healthy habits for the rest of their lives.

St George’s finance manager Geraldine Walsh spotted the Sow and Grow campaign online and organised the seed donations. She said: “I think it’s a brilliant campaign that’s encouraging healthy eating for children across the UK. We’ve been donated the seeds for two years in a row now and our children have really benefited.”

Catering manager Sherrell Chapman is particularly passionate about teaching the children about gardening, and helps tend to the allotments in her spare time. Her team provide the children with nutritious meals and snacks cooked on the premises, using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

Karen Terry, deputy childcare manager, said: “We’re very grateful to the Sow and Grow project for donating these seeds to St George’s. The children are really enjoying tending to the vegetables and we’re excited to see what meals they’ll make with them.”