Teresa celebrates 20 years

Teresa and children

Congratulations to Teresa Lascelles who has been at St Georges’ for 20 years! Teresa is one of our Childcare Managers and is our second longest serving member of staff.

Teresa’s connection with St George’s began when her own two children attended the nursery. After they went to school, she started helping out with lunch cover in Squirrels in 1998. A year later she joined our Little Dragons pre-school, before becoming Little Dragons’ deputy manager and then manager. Teresa was also a room leader in Badgers before becoming Childcare Manager in November 2015.

Teresa says: “The whole ethos of St George’s is the reason I’ve worked here for 20 years. What makes us unique is the care we provide for vulnerable children through our subsidised childcare places.

“One of my best memories was on a visit to Godstone Farm when one of the children tried to take home a duckling. We only realised she had put it into her pocket when the lady from the farm said: “I’m missing one of my ducklings!”

“And of course I’ll never forget how all the staff and community rallied together to save St George’s in 1999. We had been renting the building and the owners decided they wanted to sell it. We thought we were going to have to close. But through fundraising, selling some of our land and the help of a Lottery grant we were able to buy the building and keep St George’s open.”

“St George’s is truly special. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Pauline Parker, St George’s Childcare Manager and trustee, said: “In her years at St George’s Teresa has become a valuable staff member. She always has the children’s interest at heart. In the last 20 years she has supported many changes at St George’s and seen the nursery develop and grow.”

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