Data Breach Notice

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St George’s have received a message that TypeForm have had a data breach.

This has affected many of the organisations who used them for surveys and St George’s is one of those organisations.

TypeForm reports that an external attacker gained unauthorised access to the responses to our “Parents Questionnaire” which parents were invited to complete in November 2017

The survey did not aim to collect personal data however there was a field which invited respondents to enter their name, their child’s name and the room their child was enrolled in.

Because the survey contains no contact information risk to respondents is considered low however be aware that if you completed the survey and entered your name it is possible this information could be used by attackers to inform and improve phishing scams to you.

St George’s takes your personal information security very seriously and if you have any concerns about this or any other information please reply to this email or contact the management, so we can answer your concerns.

If you did complete the survey and would like to know exactly what information was gained, please let us know.

Please contact Cenydd Milne, our Data Protection Officer,