St George’s Painting Auction

These lovely original oil paintings on canvas were kindly donated by Michel Perchaud, a French Artist who lives in a little town located in Seine&Marne, to the East of Paris, to raise money for St George’s.  Painting is Michel’s lifelong passion, which he loves doing when he is not spending time in his garden.  He often shows and sells his work in exhibitions in and around Paris.  Michel is the father of Morgane Glew, our Business Manager, so St George’s is close to his heart and he wants to support us in this wonderful way.

Bids start at £40 but we are open to offers, the Auction will end on the 30th June 2021. Paintings are available to view at St George’s, just ask Reception!

If you would like to own one or more of these wonderful paintings please place a bid by emailing Becky King our Fundraising Manager with the Number of the painting you would like and your bid.

No1 70x50cm

No2 70x50cm

No3 60x40cm

No4 60x30cm

No5 64.5x54cm

No6 60x50cm

No7 46x38cm

No8 46x38cm

No9 50x40cm

No10 54x46cm

No11 60x50cm

No12 46x38cm

No13 70x50cm